GBK_Head_Bowl8x8Cropped.jpgGanesha Gems for the Aquarian Age

Guru Bachan Kaur brings her  knowledge of the healing arts to create a uniquely personal piece that will work specifically for you.

Bringing together skills as a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Tantric Numerologist, and vibrational healer, she designs tools to support your spiritual path into the Aquarian Age.

Many clients have successfully used Ganesha Gems designs to:

  • Transition to a new job or career path
  • Enhance a spiritual practice or meditation
  • Support physical and spiritual healing work
  • Begin a family
  • Undertake a new project such as a business or a book
  • Remove negative influences from home, work and sacred spaces
  • Making a change in your life