The Ganesha Gems Process

How does it work?

Everything has an electromagnetic field surrounding it, just as the earth is enveloped by its own magnetic field. Known as an Aura, it’s projective and protective in nature.  When it’s strong, it serves as a protective field of energy around you that allows you to evolve and grow in well-being within it.  And, Life Force energy flows more easily for mental, physical and spiritual healing and well-being.  All illness goes into the Aura first, so clearing and maintaining this field is vital to overall health. If you keep your Aura strong, then illness cannot penetrate into your physical body. Your Aura also provides you with knowledge of whatever comes into your energy field. Therapeutic gemstones strengthen and expand the projection of your Aura, giving you heightened intuition and a stronger field to hold your own while deflecting  negative energies that may come your way.


Discovering Your Prescription

The type, number and combination of gemstones will vary from person to person and is referred to as a Gemstone Prescription.  Your prescription will be “read” through a number of correlating methods, either in person, by phone, or by proxy.

  • Tantric Numerology, an ancient system that, by decoding your birth date, reveals both conscious and unconscious information about your Soul’s purpose in this lifetime.
  • Intuitive divining of gemstones whose unique energetic and mineral makeup support your Life’s Destiny Path.
  • Gemstone Aura Reading using the Ashanti Reader dousing tool demonstrates how cell phones shut down your Aura and then how your Prescription nullifies that.  Gems impart vibrant energy into your Aura that expands and holds your electromagnetic field for your highest envisioning of your spiritual destiny.


The Ganesha Gems Custom Process

Guru Bachan Kaur evolved the Ganesha Gems Custom Process and her commitment to Client Satisfaction through her professional experiences in Design, Technology and Sales.  Clients love to come for tea and consultations in her Ganesha Studio and she  loves to have Clients out of the area either fly in or work with her over a live Internet meeting space.   We work together to:

1:  Set the Framework

2:  Focus the Intention - Numerology Reading

3:  Create the Gemstone Prescription

4:  Decide Aesthetics of Color and Pattern

5:  Decide Functionality Factors

6:  Design Review(s) and Approval

7:  Final Design Presentation and Delivery


How Should I Wear My Therapeutic Gemstones?

Wearing the gemstones brings their healing energies into your Aura, so use them as you would any jewelry in the form of earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings. For the most focused therapeutic purposes, the gemstones should be within your Aura 24 hours a day.  They can be laid on your night table during sleep and carried in a pouch in your pocket when not worn.

Many people on their spiritual path use therapeutic gemstones for meditation in the form of a mala that is worn around the neck or wrist. Usually arranged in groups of 18, 27, 54 or 108 stones, it seals the energy of your therapeutic prescription.  Malas have been used since ancient times for recitation of prayers and repetition of mantras. Today, we wear them during meditation, during challenging situations for added confidence and strength, and when attracting opportunities and manifesting our spiritual path.

Ganesha Quality & Workmanship

We stand behind our work, by using the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship, to ensure an enduring product.

Gem Selection

Our gemstones are semi-precious stones and crystals graded as A, AA, and AAA to describe their unique qualities of purity, clarity, cut and color.  A higher quality gem has stronger abilities to energize, clear, and support.


The malas and necklaces are strung on braided, stainless steel, professional wire that is coated for smoothness. Each bead is individually  attached by a binding process that secures them tightly to the cable.  Unlike thread or silk, our cable will not break down when exposed to moisture.

Gemstone Care & Cleansing

When used for a specific meditation, the mala should be stored on your altar or place of prayer in a special pouch or box and only be touched or used at the time of and for that meditation or prayer.  When your purpose is complete, cleanse your gemstones and ‘re-program’ them to your next intention-project, through meditation, prayer, etc.  When using your gems therapeutically, it’s important to cleanse once or twice a week especially if you’re clearing emotions.  References to

Sun Cleansing, is the deepest cleansing you can do at home.  Lay the gems on the earth, grass or the branches of a plant in direct sunlight for an hour or on a cloudy day for 2-3 hours.  Sunshine clears energizes and revitalizes gemstone crystals. Avoid overexposure.

Salt Cleansing, involves laying your gemstones on the surface of a bowl of sea salt overnight 2-3 times weekly.  Salt cleanses by absorbing  the disharmonious energies that build up on the surface of the gemstones.  Replace the salt every 2-3 weeks. 

Plant Rejuvenation, renews by wrapping your gemstones around a healthy houseplant overnight.