Ordering a Prescriptive Gemstone Mala

Thank you for your interest in the Sacred Therapeutic Gemstone Process.  Unique to Ganesha Gems, this work evolved out of the Kundalini Yoga path as taught by Yogi Bhajan and is based on the power of Humanology as taught by him through the Ten Bodies and the system of Numerology he incorporated into his daily teachings.  The Field of Intention is further informed through your vision/intention statements, laying the foundation for this energy work, which can be completed in a face-to-face session, or over the phone.  We can work internationally through Skype.

To move forward, simply provide your birth date (mm/dd/yy), contact information and pay $75 to hold your appointment.  The Numerology Report  (#3 below) is not necessary, especially if you have already done this work through another numerology practitioner.  When this is the case, you would choose  #1 below, creating just the Gemstone Prescription and Gemstone Report.  Our most popular selection is item #2 below.

1)   Gemstone Prescription - Report & Aura Reading– $75
This step provides a Gemstone Prescription that supports your Life Destiny Path or other specifically targeted life and spiritual goal.  Your prescription is created in a meditative divining session.  An Aura Reading is done either by proxy or in-person and demonstrates effects of your Gemstone Prescription.

2)   60 Min. Chart Reading & Gemstone Report – $150  (Special: $75 @ Winter and Summer Solstice gatherings)
A streamlined 30 minute Numerology Chart Reading which looks at dominant patterns as well as primary Destiny Path and strategies.  Followed by a 30 minute divining of your gemstone prescription

3)   Numerology Chart Reading & Long Report – $300
This step provides your numerology chart and a detailed report that looks at 5 Basic Positions, Special Number Patterns, Balancing your Chart, Helpers and Remedies.   Master Cycles and Personal Yearly Cycles are charted for a fifteen year period giving you a vital tool for planning your future.   Includes a 60 minute reading.   Subsequent readings can be scheduled at $108 per hour.

 4)   60 Minute Custom Design Consultation – First Hour N/C
This is primarily an aesthetic discussion.  During this step, decisions are made about color, size of the finished piece, details of the tassel, lifestyle preferences, budget considerations, etc.  The first hour is included at no charge.  Additional Design Consultation time can be booked at $108 per hour, but this is seldom needed.

General Price Ranges and List of Services
All prices dependent on the tassel type, gemstones and precious metals selected, but Ganesha Gems is happy to guide design decisions with your budget in mind.  Beaded tassels cost $190+.  A fabric tassel is always less expensive, but wears out and is made so another can easily be attached.  Our specialty is custom design work to fit your life’s needs and a super strong, durable building technique that is guaranteed for 2 years normal wear.  Refresh and restring work is done at $1.50-$3.00 per inch plus parts.

  • Therapeutic Gemstone Earrings -from $40+
  • Mini 9 or 11 Bead Mala - from $150+
  • Wrist Mala - from $250+
  • Neck Mala 54 Bead - from $600+
  • Neck Mala/Bracelet 108 Bead 4mm - From $600+
  • Neck Mala/Bracelet 108 Bead 6mm - From $600+
  • Neck Mala 108 Bead 10mm - From $700+
  • Therapeutic Planetary Necklace - From $300 to $700+
  • 108 Bead Planetary Lariat Necklace/Bracelet/Chuni Stay - From $300 to $700+
  • Therapeutic Gemstone Earrings – From $35-$150+

This is a lifetime investment for your Life Destiny and your Spiritual Path. The gemstones are carefully inspected to eliminate those that will not provide the high quality needed to be therapeutic on the energy field. Meditation sets the space during the design process and construction with your highest destiny in mind. The finished piece is “tuned” up to the 7 chakras, resulting in as a 4-time multiplier for your Aura’s expansion. We are dedicated to providing you the highest quality piece that will serve you for many years, using a proprietary technique to assure long lasting service.

Payment methods:
VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Personal Check, Cash.
Payment plans are available by arrangement.
Updated: April 2012


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